Are You a Spender or Are You a Saver

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When it comes to money there are 2 types of a person you can be. You can be a Saver or you can be a Spender. And unfortunately in this world there's a lot more spenders then there are savers. With the credit card average debt at an all time high people are spending more than they make. Now that's a problem....Right? So why are there savers and spenders?

What type of household did you come from? Where your parents savers or spenders? Usually the household you came from your likely to do the same. If your parents would spend everything they have or bought you anything you wanted as a kid means that you probably picked up on that habit as a kid to just go out and spend money. Now if your parents where savers they didn't buy much, if you as a kid wanted something they said no a lot or say things like we can't afford that right now.

Growing up did you notice things like parents were always fighting about money. Probably not having enough for the bills. Where there were creditors calling the house. All signs of spenders. Or did you notice your parents would save up money till they had enough and go purchase something like a car or fix up the house. Little did you know you picked up these things as a kid and adopted these money habits.

So how can I go from a Spender to a Saver? And why do people save money and not enjoy it. There's only one reason for this and it's called financial independence. The savers want to be financially free one day and that's the goal there working towards. There passion for financial independence is extremely high and probably their number 1 goal. They do not want to have debt they want things paid off. They do not want to go to bed stressed out about getting there bills paid for.

Here's a good example. What would you do if you had $100,000? I know 2 people who left the same job at the same time and both had around the same amount in profit-sharing within the company and it was $100,000. Of course with that type of money anyone could go out and buy a really nice car or take an extremely nice vacation. The 2 people who I know 1 took the money and bought a brand new Harley Davidson and a new car. The other person paid off their house with that money. Now why didn't the person that paid off the house go out and buy a really nice car or whatever. Because that person has financial freedom on their mind and wants things like their house paid for. That person did not want to ever worry about making a house payment again.